Plumbing Prices Guide

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Average Plumbing Prices

It can be difficult to establish an average plumbing cost as prices vary considerably depending on a number of factors, including:

The type and size of the plumbing job – a simple drain unblocking job, for example, will only take a couple of hours at the most and will cost a lot less than installing a whole new bathroom plumbing system, which  could take a few days.
Where you live – the cost of hiring a plumber will vary depending on where you live. 
Plumbing materials – don’t forget that you’ll need to factor in the cost of plumbing materials in addition to labour prices when budgeting for plumbing services. Often, plumbers will be able to get discounted rates for materials.
Whether you pay a fixed or hourly rate – it’s better to get a fixed quote for your plumbing project before work starts, however, many plumbers charge per hour rates instead.
If it’s an emergency – if you need emergency plumbing services, you may be charged extra, especially if you’re calling a plumber out in the middle of the night, at weekends, holidays or busy periods like winter.

How much should I pay for a plumber per hour? This will be dependent on your location and the time of day and night.